Monday, December 12, 2011

Kreativ Blogger and Tell Me About Yourself Awards!

      Yesterday I discovered that my friend Rheannia from had given the Kreative Blogger and Tell Me About Yourself reward to none other than yours truly! I'm so appreciative that Rhe took the time to bestow this honor upon me! She has always been an amazing friend (since 7th grade!) and offers the best fashion advice whenever I am in a pinch! I hope you guys will take the time to view her blog by clicking here.

These are the rules for the awards:
- Link back to the blogger you got the award from
- Write 7 random things about yourself
- Fill in the question form below
- Give the award to 10 other blogs and let them know

7 Random Things About Me:

1: Up until recently, I didn't know that
pickles were made of cucumbers...

2: Anyone who knows me is aware that
Sour Patch Kids are my favorite candy!

3: I love talking to parrots!

4: I like to stencil T Shirts when its nice outside.
(These were for the band Moon Cadillac)

5: Some people like to purchase flowers
from their local florist or farmer's
market. I prefer to collect wild flowers.

6: I love zombie movies and they
often inspire me to color.

7: Sometimes my close friends
jokingly refer to me as "The
Amazon Clown." At least I
hope they are kidding...

Question and Answer:

-Favorite Song? Me, Myself, and I by De La Soul

-Favorite dessert? Tiramisu with a glass of red

-What pisses you off? Impolite people. And cling 

-When you're upset, you? Listen to De La Soul!

-Your favorite pet? My ideal pet would be a Zebra I could ride around Santa Cruz with. We would be the ultimate team!

-Black or White? I choose secret option C, which stands for COLOR. 
-Your Biggest Fear? Baking chocolate cakes (I have not finessed this recipe yet!)

-Best Feature? Some people say that beauty is something you are born with. I believe that beauty is something you create. I love my ability to create beauty in everyday tasks such as getting dressed or cooking a meal. 

-Everyday Attitude? How much can I get done today and how can I make the day more exciting!?

-What is perfection? Costly black pumps!

-Guilty pleasure? One Tree Hill, I am so sad this is the last season! (I almost cried typing that)

Here are my picks for blogger awards:

1: Whit of StyledByWhit-
This girl really knows what she is doing when it comes to getting dressed. She's also got a great eye for emerging trends.

2: Kim of SassyUptownChic-
A lovely blog that offers tons of photos and a lot of helpful information reguarding all things fashion!

3: Brianne of BrianneLee-
A lady who knows where to find the best items at crazy low prices. We share a love of thrifting and antique hunting. Check out here most recent finds as soon as you can!

4: Ivana of Macaroons&Pearls-
This girl covers a wide variety of topics (including fashion and home decor) and I'm always checking in for new inspiration!

5: Paris of Glitterati&GlamourInTheCity-
If you are interested in all these fashionable, sparkly, and girly, be sure to check out this blog!

6: Jasmine of AdamAlexMommy-
A truly kind person with impeccable fashion sense that matches her parenting skills! 

7: Heather of Pearls&Paws-
A new blog I just discovered...Pearls&Paws offers advice on home decor and fashion. Love Heather's ability to mix unusual pieces in her wardrobe!

8: Alessia of AlessiaPearl-
A sweet girl who always offers multiple ways of wearing one item.We both also share a love of food!

9: David of SickByTrend-
David post on everything from vacation spots to interviews with models. He always manages to make it feel like you are right there with him on his travels.

10: Bessie of Bravoe Runway-
Pretty sure she has received this award more than once but I just needed to let her know that I really enjoy her blog! Check it out and you will see why!



  1. So funny I didn't know the thing about pickles either! It makes sense, I just never thought about it. I am a big fan of your favorite song. I need to listen to more De La Soul.

  2. ha, girl I also not too recently learned about pickles :)


  3. Hi Nico! Well I did learn something new today as well, I did not know that pickles are cucumbers... Thank you for the award, I will definitely put together a post, I've actually received the blogger awards in excess of 15 times. I appreciate the recognition and one day you'll have louboutins and a Chanel bag :)

  4. Nico, congratulations on your awards girl! So deserving. Girl, I don't know why but I love Zombie movies too! I have a blast with them during Halloween. Thank you so much for the Shout Out! I really do appreciate it. I enjoy reading your blog and so happy I found you! ((HUG))

  5. Thanks for the blog mention! So sweet of you! I'll def check out the other blogs you recommended! Great idea on the blogger awards!

  6. Hey, great blog. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I'm following back. :)

  7. Aww, oongrats on the award. Awesome fun facts, I love zombies too ;)

    I have a giveaway this week, hope you will join in on the fun!

  8. Love this post Nico...always fun to learn more about a fellow blogger :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. Sour patch! I'm with ya on that one honey!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    p.s. Giveaway on my blog- Enter to win a FREE pair of shoes!!

  10. These are cute pictures.:)

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!


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