Friday, December 2, 2011

Keeping Tabs:

      Just wanted to share some random snaps I've taken over the last few weeks. Nothing substantial enough to create an entire post on, but none the less, I thought you guys might be interested in my fashion and food ventures!

Black Friday haul: red angora hat, $10!
pink 100% cashmere tank, $10!

Old Chloe sun specs pulled out for a new season!
(Holidays are here but we still get sun in Santa Cruz!)

Playing dress up in my room when there happens to be
dark and stormy weather outside my window.

Tangy fresh squeezed lime juice was made into...

...Spicy vegetable salsa! Perfectly tasty on chips
 but even better in the morning over scrambled eggs!

I bet you're salivating over these feta
and caramelized onion mini tarts!

Last stop before I walk out of my bedroom door, accessories and perfume.
(Sadly the Mickey ears don't get worn as often as the rest of my jewels!)

Stocking up on candy is one of my favorite holiday traditions!
Stop over at my local favorite spot, Marini's for unique options:

Always looking for the perfect roll of sushi! 

and I finally have the chance to break out my cold weather boots...

...and I also found a practical use for my empty wine bottles!



  1. Yum, I want those tartes!!! Will you post the recipe?

  2. Nico, you are too cute girl! I'm loving the lollipops and the wine bottles in the boots. HAHAHA Truly amazing girl! You have fun and such a great sense of cleverness. Have an awesome weekend! :D

  3. Fabulous outfit! And I love those sunglasses!! xx

  4. Love those wine bottles, ingenious idea!

  5. if those are the mini tarts from T. Joes then yes I am salivating...those are my fave!! ANd I'm loving the mani with the one gold nail...perfect! x

  6. Love your gorgeous finds, sunnies, and amazing dresser! Wine bottle use, perfect!


  7. Very nice black Friday finds and I love your chloe sunglasses :) I've never thought of putting wine bottles into boots...clever!


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