Friday, December 23, 2011



Slippers by nsaich featuring slipper shoes

     There's nothing better than spending xmas morning unwrapping presents with your loved ones. However, keeping your feet toasty in a warm pair of slippers is also high on my holiday fun list (especially if the slippers happen to be in the form on zombie's like the pair featured above!). Some of my other favorite Christmas related activities include:

-Baking up over 6 POUNDS of butter this month.
-The smell of orange zest filling my home after dishing up these bad boys
-Devouring a holiday meal at Dad's house (this year should be a classic stunner!)
- Sand Angels
- Hot drinks to cut thru the crisp coastal breeze of Santa Cruz, like my spiced cider.
-Taking walks downtown to listen to carol singers and street musicians

      Okay I didn't really make sand angels on the beaches of Santa Cruz, but it was a nice idea! Just two days until Christmas! Are you ready for it?



  1. Merry Christmas, Nico. I think I'm ready for it, but maybe ask me again next week. ;-)

  2. Thanks for the comment on our blog. :)
    Nice blog! Follow you back.
    And we wish you a merry Christmas! :)

  3. I enjoyed this post. Enjoy mine.

  4. I need a new pair of slippers! I want the skull and sword/cross bones ones!

  5. That zombie one is COOL! haha.
    Wearing that on boxing day will be fun! :)
    Christmas is the best time of the year for sure. MY favorite part is also the unrevealing the giftsss. Enjoy urs!!

  6. Happy Holidays.

    Great post. I love the leopard slippers.

  7. I enjoyed this post. Enjoy mine.


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