Saturday, December 3, 2011

Leather con Leopard:

Coat: Forever 21 (2007?)

Top- Salvation Army, Belt- Express,
!00% Leather skirt- Crossroads Outlet

Pendant- BCBG

Feather ring- Lucky Brand, Silver Ring- Tiffany&Co,
Gold Bracelets- Vintage, Silvery Watch- Michael Kors

Wallet- Vintage Marc Jacobs
 (...and when I say vintage I mean this thing is on it's last leg!)

      Leather with Leopard with always remain a classy meets tough girl combination in my book. Worn here with the 3 accessories I put on most often: my Betsey Johnson sun specs, chartreuse hat from F21, and suede booties by BCBC. It's nice to know that these key accessories work with both jeans (see an example here) as well as a chocolate brown leather skirt. I acquired this garment very recently at the Crossroads Outlet in Stockton for just 8 dollars! I love that the high waist line gives shape to an otherwise trash bag style skirt.

  Where have you been finding good deals?



  1. just the donation stores here in atlanta

  2. I love your leather and leopard look. That skirt and your shoes are amazing. Since Filene's Basement is sadly going out of business, I've been finding great deals there.

  3. So nice! You look fantastic! Love the skirt on you!



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