Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bunny's in Downtown Santa Cruz:

      If you are a last minute gift buyer (like me!) then you are still out looking for great retail locations to find amazing presents for your loved ones. Hopefully you live close enough to the Santa Cruz coast to stop by Bunny's in Downtown. A mid sized store that is crammed full of goodies for the holidays! Here are some of my favorite finds:

100% organic soaps that are locally 
made, My favorite is lavender basil:

I found lots of cooking inspiration here:

...And I wanted to try on some shoes but this gentleman beat me to the last chair!

     Hope you get a chance to stop by this store sometime! Today I am actually working on some treats in here, but I really should be out swooping up some last minute gifts and groceries! What are you guys up to?


PS: For more holiday gift giving tips and trick's, view my ideas here and here!


  1. I love cute little gift shops like this. I might need to plan a trip to Santa Cruz sometime!

  2. Gift shops always carry the cutest items. I am not much of a Christmas shopper. I am going to buy a few gifts this year though.

  3. I still want one of those sock monkeys! It's too cute :) I am done with my xmas shopping Nico!!! SO Excited because tonight I'll be wrapping it all up.

  4. Done with Christmas shopping for everyone and now I need to find a gift for myself lol

  5. This looks amazing! Pity, I´m nowhere near there! It looks fantastic!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Macarons and Pearls

  6. Those are great! I love bath soaps and salts. Anything for bathtime is great! :D


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