Sunday, December 4, 2011

B*tch*n KitchenAid:

      A few weeks ago I received a KitchenAid Professional 600 Mixer from my boyfriend for my birthday. Sadly the model was defective and I had to order a replacement. I waited patiently and today is the day my new (and functional!) KitchenAid has arrived! Feels a lot like Christmas morning when I was just a kid. 

Maybe the first creation I make 
in my new mixer is a batch of 
holiday sugar cookies:

My tree from 2010! Just starting
 to collect Xmas decor on my own:

....Are you jealous of my kitchen?! 
(The orange one is my roomie's)

     My KitchenAid instruction and recipe manual just went to the top of my reading list. Might also play this new $2 De La Soul record while I'm reading also:

What do you think I should make 
first in my new KitchenAid?



  1. I received one last year as a shower gift and its still in the box. I need to use it!

  2. I could not bake without my kitchen aid!

  3. Kitchen aid makes some wonderful products. Your boyfriend made an excellent investment. Glad you got a replacement. Enjoy!


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