Friday, September 2, 2011

Product of my environment:

      I never realized how my taste in fashion jewelry is linked to how I decorate my own room! While browsing the nordstrom webpage, I noticed I was repeatedly selecting jewelry based on these items found thru out my room:

A peacock lamp found on 
(similar style available here)

A fan I found at World Market. I usually have it tacked to my wall but it has also been used as a practical accessory on especially warm days.

A piece that hangs on my wall. Drawing 
by Pepe Nunez (he does amazing tattoo 
work as well!), coloring by yours truly! 

Costume jewelry I crave:

Betsey Johnson "Asian Jungle" long statement pendant necklace. Would wear with a white tank, black formal vest, and flared dark denim jeans:

Bring some sparkles to your face 
with this stunning pair of earrings:

What I refer to as the "holy grail" of peacock feather earrings. Won't get damaged over time like these ones and have that instant WOW factor:

The instant I saw this featured on my dear friend Paris' blog, I knew I wanted it for myself (would wear with this fantastic dress):

Wouldn't you find this guy inspiring? 
Clearly I sure do:

(image courtesy of National Geographic)



  1. First of all, thank you for the shout out! Secondly peacocks are the bird of India, another reason we need to go visit together one of these days! I love all of the stuff you have on this list, and I have the actually feathered peacock earrings and they really do get destroyed easily unlike the ones you posted (I think their the alexis bittar ones!) SO GORGEOUS!!


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