Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Napa wineries:

      While in Napa for a last minute get away I had the opportunity to take a 8 hour wine tour to 4 different wineries in the area. The day was truly a memory I will look back to for a long time. An abundance of yummy wine and food was the focus of the excursion and two of my favorite indulgences! Here are some quick snap shots of my two favorite wineries:

The most amazing petit syrahs I have ever had the opportunity to try, one even had the aroma of bacon (the first love of my life)! Tastings are $15 dollars for 6 samples of various wines or free with a purchase of a bottle! I have to say, the tawny port they carry was worth the 15 bucks for a taste all on it's own (One bottle for $90)!

Limited edition "goes both ways," bottle of the tawny port (most wine bottles are just straight):

Surplus of medals for Dominari wines:

Wall of wine barrels crafted 
from neutral oak wood:

      This venue had a wine tasting room that felt more like my own home. Complete with massive leather couch and big screen TV, I was instantly enjoying a glass of merlot in my own living room (or at least it seemed like it!). Marcus, the tasting host was such a character and had lots of information to divulge. Tastings include six wines for $10 or free with a purchase of a bottle of wine. I would recommend this to any wine lover that is looking for a more casual environment. 

Stellar view of the grape vines. Had a chance to enjoy lunch here with the great scenery!

     After composing this post, I'm kind of hankering for a glass of wine. Good thing I brought home a couple bottles as souvenirs!



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