Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Style feature: Paloma!

      While browsing thru H&M recently I ran into the well put together Paloma. I made a bee line for her and instantly asked to take her photo. Luckily, she was so very nice and was kind enough to oblige me. Everything she is wearing is from H&M also! I ended up swooping the same T-shirt for a mere $4.95 (I might even be wearing the tribal inspired shirt as I type right now!).

Also, don't you just admire her hair? It's seriously a work of art. The mullet-esque mohawk fades from black to intense blue and then to a striking platinum blonde. I asked her where she got it done and she mentioned the salon Shampoo Dolls in San Jose!



  1. That shirt will look great with your leather pants!!

  2. Yeah, I always need a reason to wear those pants. They're my favorite


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