Thursday, September 15, 2011

Style Feature: Shahin Gutierrez, "Electric Navajo"

      An up and coming musician and artist, Shahin Gutierrez also personifies his own eclectic style. His band, Moon Cadillac, has an upbeat dance rock feel with a little bit of groove thrown in and you best know that his clothing reflects the same vibe: 

Sunglasses: Sunshops @ the boardwalk
White button up: H&M
Tie: Missoni for Target
Knit Pullover: H&M
Denim: Zara
Shoes: Via Shoe Biz 

Don't you love the combination of the printed knit sweater and the missoni printed tie? The patterns compliment each other but don't compete. 



  1. Love the look you put together! That missoni tie is amazing as well!

  2. thank you! Shahin was skeptical about the sweater at first but now i think he loves it. and those missoni ties are truly amazing. the multicolored patterns means it matches everything! he got a burgundy one too in the same print.


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