Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn Essentials:

      With each new approaching season I try to compile a concise list of my "must haves." This list is merely something I refer to whenever I am out shopping so that I always end up purchasing items that actually work into my current wardrobe and also are practical for upcoming weather conditions. For this fall I already own plenty of basic long sleeves, sturdy coats, and sweaters so to build my winter wardrobe I decided to focus on warm weather items that would enhance the plain and simple basics that are already stashed in my closet:

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Clockwise from far left:

1: Fur vest: Great for layering under a heavy coat or wearing over a simple black turtleneck. 
2: Blazer: I'm digging this shade of apricot brown. It compliments both my dark brown and black neutrals.
3: Printed Scarf: Adds instant dimension to any outfit. I really love leopard prints this year (and basically all year round).
4: Black wool hat: Structured hats just add an instant touch of old school glamour. I have already added a hat similar to this one to my closet and it's already in regular rotation
5: Grey knit hat: If you don't already know, knit hats are the best for looking cute while hiding a bad hair day.
6: Printed sweater dress: The neutral colors of this print make it a versatile option.
7: Green nail polish: I purchased a similar shade a few weeks ago (find my $2 option here) and I have been wearing it repeatedly, adds subtle color but still goes with most of my clothes. 
8: Red Lipstick: Wear to holiday parties for a festive touch.
9: Black wedge boots: switch to these boots when the rain prevents you from wearing your everyday ballet flats.
10: Bold colored hand bag: In winter when most of your outfit is covered up with bulky knits and coats anyway, add some color with a hand bag like this one.



  1. Love it all!! I am always a fan of the leopard scarf (or really leopard anything) and the red lips and sweater dress! Perfect Fall/ Winter essentials!

  2. I thought so too! any ideas for a men's post ?

  3. I think you're a really talented blogger and you've got a great thing going on here. So pretty!
    (& I would love you to check my blog dear :))


  4. Jucija, thank you so very much for the kind words and support! Of course I will check in on your blog!



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