Monday, September 19, 2011


      I keep saying it, cooler times are headed our way. When I think of winter I imagine piping hot mugs of hot chocolate (I want to try this recipe), evenings in watching movies, and also sipping a cocktail or two at holiday parties with friends! I think these table top accessories and glasswares would make even a delicious drink that much more enjoyable:

These shot glasses double as decorations 
with their moose and deer heads:

Agate coasters keep your furniture intact 
while also adding a touch of colorful flare 
(also available in pink and caramel):

Frankenstein beverage napkins 
could bring any cocktail to life!

Puccini glassware makes even a simple glass 
of water at the end of the night more enjoyable. 
Set of four on sale for under $24!

I have been craving a serving tray for months now. While trying to find just the right one I stumbled across this little number. Love the functional handles for easy transportation. This tray is begging to be a showcase for a decanter and an ice bucket:

I discovered all of these items (and their images) on one site if you can believe it! Check out for more unusual and eclectic housewares. 



  1. So excited for the fall and winter time!! And I absolutely adore the agate coasters and puccini glassware!!

  2. I want the shot glasses so bad! love them! miss you though

  3. I miss you too! And those shot glasses are adorable! I love that they can be accessories and a shot glass at the same time.


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