Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I have a crush on Johnny Weir:

     I have a bit of a style crush on the outlandish yet elegant Johnny Weir. A major fashion icon in my adoring eyes. The man makes women's wear look better than my body ever could! His killer legs must be a result of all the figure skating he does. Yes, a style celebrity athlete has finally hit the scene again. Eye popping blazers, animal props, and latex get ups are not considered a style faux pas to the fashion brave Johnny Weir. Constantly fierce, never shy, and always making a statement, Johnny Weir truly is a style icon to watch:

It's like he's the Lady Gaga 
of the ice skating rink:

Channeling Edward Scissor Hands:

Or channeling Victoria Beckham:

He always makes a statement:

Did I mention that he's an olympian medalist?

Now if only I could break into 
his closet and play dress up.


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