Saturday, September 17, 2011

Let's hear it for the boy(s):

      Let's get things straight right here and now, this is a blog for both women and men. It was recently brought to my attention that maybe I should do more features on men's fashion. With that said... I did some browsing and came up with a concise list of updates for your fall to winter wardrobe!

This grey oxford blazer has a classic cut but also has new and modern elbow detailing (not pictured in the photo below, but click the link for further product description). A jacket casual enough to throw over a crew neck tshirt and jeans but also pairs well with a black button up for a evening out:

(image c/o zara)

A heavy coat that hits slightly below the waist is a piece that will always be a go to in your closet. In Northern California where the weather can be unpredictable it is a good idea to have a warm dress coat on hand. This design is very classic however, the grey funnel neck gives it an updated twist:

(image c/o Zara)

While helping close guy friend's do their clothes shopping I have found that burgundy is a consistantly flattering color on most men. Try avoiding your usual greys, blacks, blues, and whites and opting istead for a deep shade of burgundy in a classic dress shirt:

(image c/o Zara)

Every guy I know owns a pair of blue jeans. Try out this grey denim option, I bet you'll realize they go with everything you already own:

(image c/o Zara)

I know this is sounds like crazy talk but I REALLY believe that accessories are ESSENTIAL to any outfit you put on. With out a couple accessories you just aren't complete (its like a delicious cake with no icing!). Scarves are a good idea for staying warm but also show a little of your personality (depending on the print you choose). The scarf pictured below is my pick for a cold weather accessory, and it's under $13!

(image c/o H&M)

You will constantly catch me sporting a boyfriend style  gold watch and I think watches look even more chic on men. A functional accessory for when your phone dies and you can't check the time. The watch picture below is made by fossil, constructed of stainless steel, comes with an 11 year warranty and can be found online here:

(image c/o Fossil)

      To recap this post, look for unusual detailing on blazers, try a new shade of burgundy or maybe a pair of grey jeans, but don't forget an accessory of some kind!


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  1. I love that you mentioned accessories! And everything you choose here is perfect fall/ winter menswear! It's trendy and modern but with a classical and traditional feel.


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