Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Style Feature: Marie

      While grocery shopping I ran into a well put together lady name Marie! Don't you just love all the mixed media in her dress? The mash up of fabric, colors, and embroidery was just too amazing not to ask for a quick snap shot. She found this adorable dress at a boutique while vacationing in Paris (leave it to the French to select the best fashion and Marie to pick the most fabulous item from that selection!). I checked the label on the dress and it said "Frime Frime," but I couldn't find any information online about the brand! Anyway, just a quick look at the street fashion here in Santa Cruz.



  1. I like so much your blog. Come and check out out mine.


  2. Love the dress! France really has the best clothes!

  3. I REALLY liked this woman's dress. The photo doesn't do it justice. The fabrics all looked just so rich and amazing. Plus I love dresses because you don't have to think about separates matching haha


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