Saturday, September 24, 2011

A trip to the central valley:

      Recently I found myself taking yet another quick trip out of town. This time I found myself in my home town of Stockton, California to visit family! While I was there I managed to eat a lot of delicious food, check in at my favorite thrift stores, play dress up in my gram's jewelry box, and spend a lot of time with the people I love. Here's just some of the highlights of my trip:

Digging thru bins of old ties at a local thrift store for the two best finds! The red paisley one is by Christian Dior and the plaid tie on the right is designed by Ben Sherman. Both of these together cost me less than a meal at McDonald's!

My Gram's cat just had a liter of 
the most adorable kittens ever:

Yummy home made Spagetti:

Playing dress up with Gram's Gems:

The best thrift store find in Lodi, California! A like new red coach messenger bag and for only $35 bucks! There was one in the same style but in black that I wanted also but I thought the red would add a nice pop of color to most any outfit:



  1. I cannot believe you found a dior tie while thrifting and I am of course obsessed with your red coach bag!! One of these times you're in Stockton, I'm going to meet you there and thrift with you!!

  2. so about the ties.... there were SO many designer ties that i got to choose which I liked best. seriously it was crazy!!! all 2 to 4 dollars. I love thrifting and honestly the last thrift store i visited while i was back home ended up having the coach bag! crazy!

  3. Amazing!! I wish I had been there! Next time for sure!


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