Monday, February 6, 2012

Style Feature: Bessie of Bravoe Runway!

      The anticipation of waiting for a new pair of shoes to arrive in the mail or the anxious stares at the oven while a cake is baking.... rarely do I get this feeling about a fashion blog. Well, that isn't entirely true. Ever since I started my blog I have found quite a few amazing ones out there! But Bessie's fashion blog, Bravoe Runway, has me frequently waking up in the morning going "I wonder what Bessie will be wearing today?" It's a sick (but chic!) obsession! Bessie's clothing is always well put together, daring, and above all, transformative. One day she is lady like and prim, the next day Bessie is artsy and creative, and on some occasions she sports crazy garments I would never image wearing... BUT SHE ALWAYS PULLS IT OFF! Flawlessly too might I add. To be honest, I read a plethora of cooking and decorating magazines but not many fashion ones... Why would I when I have real life fashion inspiration waiting for me each day by simply clicking! Bessie was kind enough to answer a few quick questions for me. Her responses to my zany and sometimes quirky inquires can be found towards the end of this post! 

Nico: If there was a fire in your apartment, which one article of clothing would you save from the flames?

Bessie: This is a tough question! I would save my silver paillettes dress from Marc Bouwer, it happens to be my favorite dress!

Nico: What ignited your interest in the fashion world?

Bessie: My mom! She is a very stylish lady and taught me about style and being well put together at a young age. 

Nico: Besides styling amazing outfits, how do you stay creative? What are your hobbies?

Bessie: I enjoy baking, watching movies, and going to museums. I always love to see the fashion in movies, thus far, the best outfits I've seen came from 007 Casino Royale. 

Nico: Since I'm a big time accessory kind of girl, what is your favorite piece to accessorize with?

Bessie: My favorite accessory is definitely a scarf, silk, wool, square, oblong, rectangular. If you know how to fold scarves, they can really change the look of an outfit. 

Nico: If you have the option to dress for yourself everyday (and not for a job or special occasion) what would you wear?

Bessie: If I were independently wealthy and could wear whatever I fancied, I'd definitely prefer resort wear year round while traveling on my own personal yacht... I love the colours, the soft fabrics, and the patterns we see every year on Resort wear! It'd all come from Gucci...

Nico: Your favorite trend for spring is....?

Bessie: My favorite trend for Spring is pastels.

Nico: The best fashion advice you ever received was....?

Bessie: Wear what makes you feel comfortable, and always have your own style. Turn that inspiration into your own creation. 

Nico: If you could have any of your recipes featured on what would it be?

Bessie: Easy... my 4 ingredient butter cookies that taste like Waler's Short Bread.

Nico: Do you have any special cooking talents? Favorite "signature" dishes to prepare?

Bessie: The best thing I make are reservations...I cannot cook to save my life. Baking however...that's another story!

Nico: Tell us something about yourself we wouldn't know otherwise?

Bessie: I have a mild case of OCD when it comes to preserving and keeping my things looking new. I keep all of my shoes in their original box. I keep all of my handbags stuffed with tissue to retain their shape and store them in their sleeper bags. I also dry to dry clean a lot of my clothes to prevent fading!

Who do you have a 
style crush on lately?



  1. Bessie is marvelous, I do enjoy seeing what she's going to present to us each week!! Fantastic interview!! xx

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  4. Great showcase! I also love this blog :)


  5. Fun! I am also a follower of her blog.

  6. Thank You for your kind comment on my blog post. I am now following you. xx

  7. I just recently found out about her blog, and I have to agree, she's got great style! :)
    Thanks for sharing this with us

  8. I love Brovoe Runaway (Bessie). Great post.

  9. I like Bessie she has a really cool style and its interesting learning a little bit more about her..Nice article!

  10. I love Bessie and Bravoe Runway! So glad I got to know a little more about her fashion style :)


  11. She´s got a great style!


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