Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Cute Blog Award 4!

      I recently found out that Kim of A Very Sweet Blog honored me with "The Cute Blog Award." I really love and enjoy Kim's blog, she is always getting creative with her post ideas while continually maintaining a positive outlook at all times (especially when she leaves the most kind and genuine comments!). I am so happy she felt that deserved to be recognized for being just as gosh darn cute as her blog is! Of course I decided to round up some of my "cutest" and most adorable photos from this blog. 

Life In Motion

Blackberry Cupcakes

Casual Attire

Ice Cream Cups

Wine Sweaters

Electric Lady

5 Minute Make Up Routine

Sugar Cookies

What's Between Chloe & Miu Miu

Celebration Spoons

The Cute Blog Award Questions:
1: What is your go to make-up brand?
      I would say that my go to make-up brands are a toss up between benefit (for quick fixes and quality ingredients) and MAC (for longer staying power and color selection).

2: What was your favorite fashion trend of 
      My favorite fashion trend of 2011 was (and is) oxfords! I would love a classic pair in real patent black leather.

3: What is your favorite dessert?
      My favorite dessert is....candy. I love Sour Patch Kids (I'm eating a bag now).

4: Favorite color?
      My favorite colors are purple and yellow. But I prefer to wear white, shades of blue, and shades of green.

5: What is your middle name?
      My middle name is Lynn.

6: What is the last song you listened to?
      The last song I listened to was Hall & Oats, "One on One."

7: Cats or Dogs?
      I like both. Cats are easier to house train so I guess they win by default. 

I would like to give The Cute Blog Award to:

Linda of Trendy Teal

Joanna of Violin Style

Brandi of Run Style Run

Rhe of Rhe Style

Hannah of For Scarlet

Shara of La Folie

        All you ladies need to do to accept the award is to fill out the questions listed above and pass the cute award on to someone else! Thank you again to Kim for giving me this award!



  1. Congrats! My fav food is candy too :)

  2. Most deserving!! Congratulations :)) It's always great to come to your blog and it always makes me hungry seeing these jelly beans, haha!! I do love jelly beans though & sour patch kids are a favourite too!! Well done to you :) I hope you have a great weekend :) xx

  3. i love this...lovely post

  4. You deserve this award Nico! Your blog is so adorbs!!


  5. Congratulations on the award Nicole Lynn ;) I love that electric lady outfit! Hope you are having a great wknd :)

  6. Aw, I'm so honored you chose my blog! <3
    Your blog definitely deserves this award. Great collection of cuteness!

  7. Very Cute Post Nico!!! You are so deserving and passed it on to some great ladies. Enjoy!


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