Saturday, February 4, 2012

What She Really Wants....

What She Really Wants....

What She Really Wants.... by nsaich featuring flower hair accessories

      Each year the anticipation for Valentine's Day to arrive increases for me. Doesn't matter if I have a significant other that year or not, I just love the day of love! Plus it's a really good excuse for me to bake up some sweet treats, like my (naughty) sugar cookies from earlier this week. And while I may never receive anything of the material things featured on the above collage, I know that my Valentine's Day this year will be filled with lots of love and laughter. Do you anticipate or dread this holiday each year?



  1. You know I am obsessed with Valentine's! It's a day to celebrate love; and whether your single or taken, you always have love in your life. Besides if you are single, it's the perfect excuse to buy yourself something pretty, bake some sweet treats and watch a good chick flick :)


  2. These are such nice picks! I want each and every one of these goodies!

  3. In past years, it's been hard because I'm single. But I've learned to embrace it and buy sweet things for myself. I've been wanting to try Sweet Talk by Philosophy and Butter London nail polishes. :)


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