Monday, February 27, 2012

Accessory Organization:

      I swear my body has it's own internal time clock that couldn't be more accurate. A few days ago, I got the itch to start cleaning and reorganizing my living space. My closet was the first place I started and I eventually migrated to my accessory collection. Living in a small space sometimes forces a person to use their accessories as art and that is exactly what I did! Has your internal time clock set an alarm for Spring cleaning yet? Here are a few ideas on how to keep your gems and jewels pretty and organized! 

My friend Tania of Picasso's Closet made this brooch and earring holder for me out of an empty picture frame with netting stapled to the back. Not only does it keep my earrings from being misplaced but it also takes up no counter space when hung on a wall. 

I scooped up this bracelet/necklace holder when a local
business closed down. You can find similar options here.

Because I'm always misplacing my earring backs, I pick
up a box of my favorite kind at the local craft store. 

I found this mirrored gold toned tray at Salvation Army and it's become a huge
time saver when running out the door. All of my (sun) specs are neatly displayed. 

A model hand used for drawing holds my rings and hoop earrings.
 The glass dish is another vintage find and contains stud earrings and the like.

Vintage candy dishes hold bits of spare change and nail
polishes, but I also use them to display my jewelry. 

A selection of my favorite perfumes are corralled in this vintage
glass tray. I'd love to add this fragrance to my collection. 

A sweet cupcake box holds miniature sample scents that
would otherwise be lost or cracked while inside my purse. 

Will you be doing any Spring cleaning 
along with Spring shopping?



  1. Fun! That is a great idea to have extra earring backs. I loose mine all of the time too :)

  2. Everything looks sooo gorgeous and is displayed so perfectly! I especially love the earring holder. Awesomeness.
    My spring cleaning clock for SURE has hit, I was on a cleaning, organizing, tidying mission. That kinda passed, I'm hoping it'll kick in again once this new snowfall melts...booooo.

    ps. i gave your blog an award on my blog, if you are into those sorts of things. : )
    I love it!

  3. love your accessory organizer!! i love using my jewelry as part of my room decor too. looks great!

  4. Great post! It's amazing how much more manageable life seems when things are organized :) Great tip on picking up extra earring backs - I lose mine constantly!


  5. This is making me want to do a jewelry overhaul! fabulous Nico. xo

  6. I have to do BOTH. I'm hoping to get to the Spring cleaning this week.

  7. I love how you arranged your accessories its cool..I have to do both hopefully I can get to it soon enough!

  8. This is great! Nice organization! You always feel so much better when everything is displayed nicely. It's like a breath of fresh air!!

  9. Great post -- and great style!! Keep up the good work!
    Started following your blog :) ... Hope you'll check mine out too!


  10. I am loving these storage and display pieces! That nose and sunglasses tray is AWESOME! And I also love the hand display for your rings! You are right, since I've started blogging in April of 2011 up until now my style has evolved a keeps me on my toes :)

  11. I love how you displayed everything it looks so cute! You have an amazing accessories collection!


  12. great way of organizing!

    xx Yvette

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  13. Such great ideas Nico! I'm inspired! ;)

    Sending love,

  14. I need to do this with my jewelry...


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