Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wisteria Antiques:

      One of the best aspects of living in the unique town of Santa Cruz are all the locally owned shops. The people of Santa Cruz are creative and talented business owners and typically have a flair for the dramatic. Wisteria Antiques is no exception to this notion. A massive local property (yes, this business is run out of a commercial home instead of a retail location) houses a magnitude of versatile merchandise. The grounds are filled with garden sculptures and fountains, roses perfume the air with soft floral aromas, and perky lemon saplings, herbs, and the like are just waiting to find a new home in your backyard. Wisteria even maintains a large bird house filled with the most serene doves you will ever lay eyes on (I wish I would have snapped more photos of the grounds!). In addition to colorful flowers and cooing doves, Wisteria has turned the housing on the property into beautiful show rooms for housewares. In one large house you may find a green room, in another you might find incredible antiques, and some rooms have even been converted to large scale closets! Wisteria brings fresh plants, delicate housewares, and history laden antiques to one truly beautiful and inspirational location at 5870 Soquel Drive, in Santa Cruz California.

Terra cotta pots paired with a head form I would love to use for hats.

A green room filled with lush foliage and bird cages. 

Currently loving this combo of yellow furniture,
crystal chandeliers, and leopard print. 

...A blue walk in closet I wanted to live in.



  1. love the yellow furniture

  2. I love all the blue and white furniture and the large Santos figure!

  3. how fun!

  4. This is a really cool store! I could probably spend hours upon hours looking at items in there. I would love to live in that blue closet as well!!!

  5. Lovely! I love all the yellow!

  6. Beaiuuuutiful stuff, Nico! Looks like a great place, I could daydream in there for a while...

  7. Hey Nico! I love locally owned shops. They always have original and unique items. Love that dresser! :D

  8. i love antique shopping! great pics!

  9. Everything is so pretty. I love going to antique shops.
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  10. This is a really cool store I can see they have really cool treasures!


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