Saturday, February 18, 2012

How To: Mince An Onion

      A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I were in the mood for a quick fix dinner and instantly started craving pasta with alfredo sauce. This particular sauce requires you to soften a finely minced white onion in a pan (or at least my recipe does ). It wasn't until I asked my boyfriend to help me out by mincing an onion that I realize not everyone has watched a million cooking shows on the Food Network like I have. Perhaps something I had thought to be so basic (as mincing an onion) was indeed considered... skillful? Okay, maybe not, because it's just an onion. "Mince" simply means to cut into very small pieces, pretty basic right? If you have ever been terrified of plunging your knife into a tear inducing onion, let me simplify the process for you:

Getting started...

1: Starting with a sharp mid sized knife, cut the onion in half at the root.

2: Cut a small section of the top of the onion off, as shown below.

3: After removing the outer layer of skin, lay one half of the onion on it's side and slice horizontal slits in the onion as photographed below. Make sure not to slice all the way thru the root of the vegetable.

4: Slice slits on the top of the onion (see below). Be sure not to slice all the way thru the root of the vegetable.

5: Chop the onion in the opposite direction as shown in instruction #4. This will create an even mince:

Tip: It is important to keep the onion's root intact and uncut. This ensures that the vegetable is held together while you are mincing and prevents bits of onion from flying all over your cutting board.



  1. thanx for nice post, i will be following the steps

  2. i needed this post,thanks dear

  3. This is so handy...especially for the cooking handicapped like me!
    Haha, thanks for the tip :)

  4. Hi Nico! This is awesome! My hubby thinks he is a chef just because he watches the food network so much. hahah it's my fault, I always have it on! I have yet to master dicing an onion this way. I must practice!!

    Sorry I haven't replied to your last comment yet! My girls didn't want to make those butterfly valentines! Can you believe that?!!! I was bummed. I loved them too!
    We had fun making the store bought ones and attaching lollipops to those. hahah My hubby and I made some yummy appies for Valentine's, ok frozen and we heated them. But they were soooo good. Garlic and cheese stuffed shrimp. Ohhhh my, they were amazing.
    I love your blog too!
    I would LOVE some ideas to make doing groceries better. I don't mind when it's just a few things I need but doing a giant shop that takes over an hour. Nope, not my thing. hehee....I try to go during the week when my kids are in school and it's not busy yet! I'm not working right now so that works for me!
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  5. wow, that was a long comment....sorry. ; )

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  7. Very interesting! I didn't know. hahaha


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