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Make Up Essentials:

Make Up Essential:

Make Up Essential: by nsaich on

      After completing this 5 minute make-up tutorial I got to thinking about my go to products. The potions that cure these tired eyes and the concoctions that help me to look like the most fabulous version of myself. The essentials if you will. I am excited to share with you all my tried and true (Nico approved) beauty products!

1: Clinique's Dramatically Different 
Moisturizing Lotion-
      Basically a drink of water for your skin. hydrating your skin (the body's largest organ) is extremely important to maintaining a youthful appearance. Contains no harsh chemicals and I love this product because I have very sensitive skin/eyes and this does not irritate either! Not that I put the lotion around my eyes or anything (that would be weird), but my eyes normally produce tears profusely with any other face lotion. 

2: Benefit's Play Stick-
      A truly versatile idea, this cream to powder product acts as both a concealer and foundation. The coverage can be worn very sheer or layered on for a more flawless finish. The best thing about benefit's play sticks? They promote healthy skin while you are covering up an imperfections! 

3: Clinique Pressed Powder:
      I love this alone for quick morning make up routines or over foundation for extra long wear and coverage. 

4: Benefit's High Beam-
      Not a day goes by where I don't use this product. This shimmering gel looks fantastic when applied on the inner corners of eyes, the brow bone, and especially on top of cheek bones. High Beam instantly gives me awake and glowing skin. The pearly pink color works on every skin tone too! 

5: Benefit's Hoola-
      A matte brown sculpting/bronzing powder. Additionally works well as blush and eyeshadow, perfect for if you can't fit all your beauty products in your purse. I've been using hoola since I was 18 and have only purchased two boxes. One box of Hoola tends to last me around 3 years, such a great value!

6: Mac Eyeshadows-
      I really love MAC eyeshadows because they offer a very wide variety of colors with staying power. But the best thing about MAC is that they offer a recycling program. When you bring in 6 empty MAC containers you receive a free lipstick of your choosing! 

7: Maybelline's Define-A-Lash Mascara + Volume-
      I prefer to use drug store brand mascaras because they need to be replaced so often. This particular mascara not only separates and lengthens your lashes but adds a touch of volume as well.

8: Maybelline's Clear Mascara-
      Again, a drugstore brand (because who wants to pay $15+ for clear mascara?!). I use this clear mascara to keep my brows in place all day long.

9: Urban Decay's Liquid Liner-
      With a new bottle design, this liner is as simple to apply as ever! I can be kind of a klutz with liquid liner but this one applies smoothly and easily. But the main selling point is that it doesn't irritate me eyes and doesn't smudge off!

10: Nivea Lip Balm-
      Ultra inexpensive+ ultra moisturizing+ tint of berry color= perfection. 

11, 12, & 13: Mac Lipsticks-
      In order from left to right: Angel, my everyday perfect baby pink. Impassioned, a bright and sunny pinkish/coral. MAC Red, perfect on all skin tones and my go to for a bold red lip. Like I mentioned in #6, MAC offers a recycling program...six empty product containers for a free lipstick of your choosing! 

      I hope you were able to discover some new products worth trying out! Now I'm curious, what are your beauty essentials?


PS: If you click the "Make up Essentials" link under the image you will be redirected to more product information on my Polyvore site!


  1. I love High Beam as well! Definitely one of my favorite products :)

  2. Agreed on the High Beam. Unfortunately, I had to stop using Clinique products all together. They broke my face out like a bad teenage episode. Awful! I stick to Clarins and La Mer only now.


  3. I always use Clinique and Mac, for me both are perfect!

  4. Maybelline mascara is great! I've never tried High Beam. I must do so. I really like L'Oreals lipsticks :)

  5. Love Clinque and I love Benefit! High Beam is my fave..

    You Valentine's day sounded divine...Ours was great too! xoxo

  6. MAC lipsticks are the best!


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