Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This is (NOT) a test....

Shades-Chloe, Cashmere Cardigan-Vintage, Tunic- Ann Taylor, Watch-Michael Kors
(Get it here!), Bracelet- DIY, Leggings- Victoria's Secret PINK, Moccasins- Cole Haan

Backpack- Gap

      Contrary to my Blue School Daze post, this is what I actually wear to class. I love the "optical illusions" in this outfit. While editing these photos I thought I looked pretty put together for such an early morning. I mean, I coordinated my notebook to my lipstick, cardigan, and moccasins. However my sunnies are covering up puffy eyes and the bold (AKA: bright pink flamingo) lipstick was an effort to distract people from dirty hair. And oh yeah... I'm kind of wearing leggings as pants because I'm a b@d @ss who hangs out under the bleachers at school and doesn't care about sporting a total fashion don't. You know you commit fashion crimes sometimes too. 

What was your worst fashion moment?


PS: All photos snapped by Shahin of


  1. Oh, I LOVE that vintage cardigan. What a great find! And it's so perfectly styled too. The green loafers are just fabulous. I've been considering green flats for spring and I think you may have just helped me make my decision!

  2. ADORABLE! I love the green moccasins! Thank you SO much for the info on your nail polish. We don't have rite aid here in Canada but I'll be looking for that brand or something just like it. : )
    My worst fashion moment. Hmmm...which one do I pick? haha...
    Ok one was wearing fake leather pants that didn't fit me. Just wearing them to begin with was just wrong for me but they were too long (I'm short) and haha...I only wore them once out with my friend to a bar.

  3. You are rocking that cardigan! The color is amazing :)

    Kami from

  4. This is the most awesome notebook ever! Love the outfit too, blue looks fab on you! The skirt you see in today's post is actually lower on the hip, but to fit my dress form I to put it higher and clip it in back so it looked nice :)

  5. These bright, fun colors are so cheery - what a perfect complement to your notebook. ;-)

  6. I wear leggings as pants also with tunics! We should both be arrested! I really really love this outfit. Your sweater is killing me I love it so much.


  7. loving the bright and fun colors you are sporting here, and the notebook weird matches the entire outfit.
    would u like to check out my blog as well?

  8. NIce jacket, love that green loafers!

  9. Love your blue cardi Nico and those loafers are a gorgeous color. My fashion crimes came in the 80's. LOL Bad hair cuts and fashion. haha

  10. I'm so loving your look it's so chill & stylish! Cool color combo & blue looks great on you!

  11. You are amazing, Nico! I love your outfits and your witty sense of humor so much! Love the coordiated look, and I certainly didn´t notice any dirty hair or puffy eyes!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  12. That sweater is such a pretty color!

    xo Jennifer


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